Occult Forces

"Death will come and will bear your days"


Performance by Gustavo Sumpta


Starting from the poem by the great Cesare Pavese, the hidden forces of life are explored. Bells that toll for both the beginning of a work day and to announce someone's death. Sound traveling in space and earthly signs. Liturgy as a public service. Static and intimate theater.


"Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi."
Cesare Pavese


Here we sing Cesare Pavese's poem "Death will come and it will bear your eyes" translated by Rui Caeiro with a score by composer Sara Ross for the voices of Catarina Molder and Tiago Amado Gomes.
The journey begins in Lower Egypt, in the Nile Delta where it forks until it disembogues into the Mediterranean Sea.
From here we are taken to Athens by Silenus, Dionysus' drunken tutor!
With Time on our side together with some health, we will arrive in Rome where laws are forged and enforced."
- Gustavo Sumpta


Sara Ross, music
Gustavo Sumpta, cult service
Catarina Molder, soprano
Tiago Amado Gomes, baritone


Lenght: 35’


Premiered in 1. Set 2023, Teatro Romano de Lisboa, Operafest Lisboa 2023