Gulbenkian's Archives - Photos by Susana Paiva

11 Dec 2021 & 8 Jan 2022 | Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Performance by Catarina Molder

Free Entrance
Auditório 2 | 16h,17h, 18h
Length: 15 m

Having as starting point, the only feminine character of Tintin’s cartoon-  Diva Bianca Castafiore, singing ad eternum the famous air des bijoux, from Gounod’s Faust, this performance evokes and deconstruct the image of the Diva and its own caricature – the Diva who has lost the notion of time and of the present world, refusing to descend her pedestal.

Ironically, in today's world, the opera diva fell down indeed and lost the aura which used to surround her, the opera singer paradigm absolutely shifted and the personae of the Diva suffered over the last decades a long deconstruction process. Who knows if it will be in vogue again. Looking for the Diva!

Conception, co-creation, soprano: Catarina Molder
Direction, co-creation, light design: Tânia Carvalho
Prepared piano, co-creation: André Hencleeday
Musical advisory: Nuno da Rocha

O Homem dos Sonhos (The man of Dreams)
Absolute premiere

4, 5, 6 FEV 2022 | Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon

11 FEB 2022 | Teatro Viriato, Viseu

21 APR 2022 | Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Guarda

Ópera Do Castelo presents the absolute creation and national tour of O Homem Dos Sonhos (The Man of dreams), new opera with music and libretto by composer António Chagas Rosa - one of the most relevant contemporary Portuguese composers of today.

Operafest Lisboa 2021 - A new opera festival born in covid times

Equality, diversity and courage

In its 2nd Edition, Operafest Lisboa, directed by soprano Catarina Molder and produced by Opera do Castelo, with reduced capacity to 50%, still haunted by covid, reached directly 3700 people and indirectly  dozens of thousands, through RTP2 broadcasting of the Opera in Absolute premiere of this edition: “Até que a morte nos separe” (Until death tear us apart) by Ana Seara, celebrating World Opera day and highlighting contemporary opera.

With wide media cover, it was the only event in Lisbon, during all 2021, to offer staged opera! It took place from 20th August to 11 Sep, in the dream setting of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga Garden, by Tagus river , with all premiered productions praised by international critic: "Courage, audacity, imagination: these qualities, which one would like to find more often in the programming of prestigious musical institutions, are perfectly embodied by the very young OperaFest Lisboa, whose second edition was held this year. Led by soprano Catarina Molder, its enthusiastic and inspiring artistic director”, in Première Loge.

With great audience adhesion and very good feedback by the audience and critics, Operafest presented: Madama Butterfly staged by acclaimed Portuguese choreographer Olga Roriz, the extraordinary The Medium by Gian-­Carlo Mennoti returning to Lisbon after more than 40 years of absence, with first and successful opera staging by actress and stage director Sandra Faleiro; Double-­bill combining emblematic Mahagonny - Songspiel by Kurt Weill and the absolute premiere Until death tear us apart, first length opera by Ana Seara. It offered vocal self-­discovery lessons, the staged opera gala with tenor Mads Wighus Soul on Fire and closed with Operatic rave, bringing pop, disco, cabaret and opera together in a celebration danced by everyone! 

Operafest clearly bets in the opera of the future, in new creators, conductors, composers, musicians, actors and opera singers, stimulating talent, bringing new dynamics to Portuguese operatic ecosystem, combining experience with fresh blood, to win over new audiences and bring opera closer to the world and the audience of today!

Operafest Lisboa didn’t count on any intern nor volunteer nor any unpaid working force, setting from its beginning the priority of achieving diversity and equality not only through a diversified programme, but also by diginficating youth work, paying with dignity all very talented young people (cerca 40% Operafest’s collaborators), who with their vibrating commitment and energy, made this festival possible. To be a green festival is also a priority, having all our settings and propos reclycled, avoiding garbage and waste during all process.