Street Opera 2021!

Life in the neighborhood

23, 24 & 25 JUN | 21h30 e 22h00

23 JUN At Parreirinha's, Rua da Guia (Mouraria)
24 JUN Lives of the neighbourhood in Summer night, Lg. das Olarias (Mouraria)
25 JUN Angélica, Lg. da Achada (Mouraria)

Length: 15’

Four emblematic spots in the historical neighbourhoods of Alfama and Mouraria, become living settings, where Opera do Castelo will present operatic moments inspired by the life of the neighbourhood and of their inhabitants, with their worries, believes, prejudices, desires and dreams. The street becomes confident, the neighbors actors and the neighbourhood, simultaneously stage and audience of our stories.

Suffered tragic stories, enjoyed great fun or unaccepted impossible love. Luck, disgrace, disputes and secrets, in the corners, alleys and little stairs of the world which is the neighbourhood.


At Parreirinha's
23 Jun 21h30 & 22h00 | Rua da Guia (Mouraria)

Instead of Lilas Pastia tavern,  Cristina’s tavern  will recreate Bizet’s Carmen, alla Portuguese.

Excerpts from Carmen by Bizet

Catarina Molder, soprano
Nova Era Vocal Essemble, chorus
Pedro Vieria de Almeida, piano


Lives of the neighbourhood in Summer night
24 Jun 21h30 & 22h00 | Largo das Olarias (Mouraria)

From homesick felt by whom looking for a better life found in this neighborhood, a new home, to impossible love due to family rivalries or just a song echoing, in the narrow streets, of a Summer night.

Excerpts of Verdi, Puccini, Gounod and others.

Catarina Molder, soprano
Rui Baeta, baritone
Pedro Vieria de Almeida, piano


25 Jun 21h30 & 22h00 | Lg. da Achada (Mouraria)

Tragic news dive a mother in despair. Angélica lives isolated from the world, atoning a son conceived out of marriage. Her unique consolation is the hope of seeing is son again.

Excerpt of “Suor Angelica” by Puccini

Catarina Molder, soprano
Pedro Vieira de Almeida, piano


Stage direction: Catarina Molder
Light design: Gi Carvalho
Sound design: Jorge Serigado
Costumes and props: Ópera do Castelo
Production: Ópera do Castelo
Production assitance: Mariana Antunes
Free entrance