Memory of Angels

From faith to sin it takes but a step


Staged recital  with Cabaret, Opera and Fado

for singing, piano and video


Catarina Molder, Conception and artistic direction

Jorge Rodrigues, Direction

Noé Sendas, Vídeo

Helena Medeiros,  Costumes

Paulo Graça, Light design

João Bengala,  Musical arrangements (fado)



Catarina Molder, soprano

Nuno Barroso, piano





This staged recital puts over not only multiple artistic grounds which seek new formats concerning the traditional singing recital, but also associates repertoires and musical languages a priori so contrary as opera, cabaret and fado. It goes even beyond that, exhibiting itself outside the average concert hall – at Lux - a special bar-room for the largeness of its cultural plans.

Starting with the unifying principle of opponents attractive power, we aim to unveil the possible and seemingly hidden ties of these various musical, plastic and scenical expressions, as a tribute to the great moments and great interpreters/angels who marked out kabarett, opera and fado.

Singing, a major liberation sublimating our cries, sorrows, joy and despair, is initiationlike performed by a singer chased by a world full of images and shadows in a living scenario cast in large night premises.

Messiaen’s religious faith proceeds at vertiginous speed to "disgrace" with opera extracts from Alban Berg’s "Lulu" and Schnitke’s "Faust" Cantata, with the bold provoking sensuality of German kabarett, in songs from Kurt Weill, Schönberg and Hollaender and the sweet melancholy of fado.



Puccini, Alban Berg, Schönberg, Schnitke, Benjamin Britten, Kurt Weill, Spoliansky, António J. Mestre, Amadeu do Vale, Hollaender