Lyrical Fun

Staged concert for new opera lovers



Playing with the huge expressive ability of the lyrical voice and the almost endless way in wish the human voice can explore a sound, a melody, stories and ambiences, this program aims to present a journey along the history of the erudite song since its origins to our day.

Folk songs, songs with melodies that have always accompanied us in music boxes, as young children and then as parents ― without knowing that in fact we were listening to songs and melodies from «such serious» composers as Schubert or Brahms ― and other songs with bright and amusing stories, unexpected sonorities, which are presented in a surreal sequence, inspired by that boundless capacity that children have to fancy imaginary worlds, where anything is possible.Lieder, mélodie,operatic excerts, fado, jazz for every taste. Berio, Gershwin, Brahms, Wolf, Fauré, Poulenc, Bizet, Verdi, Rossini.



Musical Conception: Catarina Molder 

Direction: José Caldas 

Set design and Costume: José António Cardoso 

Light Design: Paulo Graça 

Cast: Catarina Molder, soprano e Nuno Barroso, piano


4 to 12