La Bohème



opera in 4 acts

Portuguese version by Luis Rodrigues


This Boheme is presented in intimate scale, up close to the audience, in a new Portuguese version, adapted to contemporary world and in particular to Portuguese context, intensifying the yelling truth of its plot - the struggle for survival of young artists. Another actual theme is the professional conquest of professional artist status, still considered by Portuguese society as a bohemian, who doesn’t produce wealth. Although life conditions in ocidental cities, has radically changed over the last hundred years which separate La Boheme from Parisian "quarter latin" of Lisbon of nowadays, globalization and present liberal society, announces a future of great fragility among youth.


As Michel Dieuaide says: "In this opera there won’t be melodrama, nor useless settings, but characters: women and men who live the uncertainty of the following day and love, despite cold, hunger, debts and illness, they live their youth with simplicity, humor and truth. From his Boheme Puccini used to say:" I’m not made for heroic actions. I’m found of being who have a heart like ours, with their believes and hopes, beings with glimpses of joy and melancholic hours, who cry without screaming and suffer with inner sadness."


Stage Direction, settings and props: Michel Dieuaide

Musical Direction and piano: Jeff Cohen

Light Design: Paulo Graça



Catarina Molder (Mimi)

João Cipriano (Rodolfo)

Rui Baeta (Marcello)

Eduarda Melo (Musetta)

Diogo Oliveira (Schaunard)

Nuno Dias (Colline)

João Oliveira (Benoit e Alcindoro)

Chorus: Ariana Russo, Maria João  Alves, Ana Ventura, Liliana Marlene Silva, Carla  Aires, Luisa Vaz Pinto, João Queiroz, Rui Antunes, Jorge Francisco da Silva, Christian Camilot, Miguel  Romeiro Ferreira


Co-production: São Luiz Teatro Municipal  and Ópera do Castelo