Five ways to die of love

From love to death

A show by Catarina Molder


Available for National and International Tour

ERNEST CHASSON Chanson Perpétuelle, op. 37

ANTÓNIO CHAGAS ROSA Serei só eu (Isoldes Liebestod)

SCHOSTAKOWITCH Lady Macbeth von Mzensk (excerpts and aria)

LUIS SOLDADO A virgem Louca (The foolish virgin, Rimbaud)

1. A virgem louca (The foolish virgin).

2. Esposo infernal (Infernal spouse).

3. Condenação (Condemnation).

4. Aberração (Aberrance).

SCHOSTAKOWITCH Interlude (from Lady Macbeth von Mzensk)

CLÃ (Hélder Gonçalves/Carlos Tê) Competência para amar (Competence to Love)


Stage direction: Lígia Roque

Light design: Rui Simão

Settings and wardrobe: Catarina Molder



Catarina Molder, soprano

Ensemble MPMP quartet



Production: Ópera do Castelo

Co-production: TNSJ

Premiere; 30th de September, 1st October 2016, National Theatre OportoCatarina Molder


For a woman, defending her rights is inevitable. It is not enough to construct an object of art, but it must serve as an inspiration and stimulus. Those who die more of love or are sacrificed more for love, in opera, in literature and in life are women. They atone for the sins of the world.If there is a beautiful way to die, it is to die of love.


An experience that music – particularly opera – has always explored, elaborating it and lending it cathartic form. Catarina Molder brings us Cinco Formas de Morrer de Amor [Five Ways to Die of Love], a musical and scenic show that ranges from the sultry post- Romanticism of Ernest Chausson (whose Chanson Perpétuelle is haunted by the shadow of Ophelia) to Clã’s pop atmospheres, as well as António Chagas Rosa’s tribute to Iseult’s tragic love and the baleful Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, an opera by Shostakovich that brings to the stage the delirium of a woman who kills – and kills herself – for love. The show will also include the world premiere of A Virgem Louca (The foolish virgin), a piece by Luís Soldado, inspired by the frenzy of Rimbaud, the most beautiful among damned poets. Featuring a string quartet and stage direction by Lígia Roque, Cinco Formas de Morrer de Amor traces the delicate and dreadful cadences of that song of love and death.