Deadly Heroins


Great opera heroins. Love without limits. Suicidary mothers and lovers thursting for love. Deadly wives with blind lust for blood and power. Impossible love, desperate love. Scream, destiny, thrill, madness. Night. Great arias, opera scenes and Lieder, draw this dramatic and liberating itinerary. Alan Berg, Verdi, Puccini, Schönberg, Poulenc.


Pain and the power of dream and desire are the guideline of Deadly Heroins. There is a feminine inner world almost impenetrabel. A world of survival and atempt to find ability forms of moving forward. The great loneliness of these heroins’ lives reflects itself in their daily life routine, which disguises the major permanent conflict between intimacy and social exposure and the capacity of pretending normality, in moments of great suffering in silence.


Catarina Molder, Conception, Interpretation and Props

Otelo Lapa, Stage Direction and Settings

Anatol Waschke, Light Designing

Philippe Marques, Piano

Production: Ópera do Castelo

Co-production: Teatro Romano de Lisboa


Length: 45 min
Premiere: 3rd October 2019, Teatro Romano, Lisbon