Cati, the witch

For magic voice and electro-acoustic music



What would we be if it weren’t for witches?

They fascinate and frighten us when we are young. They inspire us to be ourselves and be different from others. Without witches our imagination and personality would be much the poorer. They embody our madness, our ability to change, our ability to do magic ...

In a show where the audience and stage are at one - the house of the Cati the Witch, where the audience/guests arrive unannounced, we see the married life of a witch who wants to win her husband Vladislav back and recover her beloved wand.

Why does Cati’s husband steer clear of her? Is she dangerous? Or is it her spells’s the cook who will unravel the mystery.

Come and meet Cati the Witch and her friends and enter the magic world of voice and electro-acoustic music.



Stage director and dramaturgy: Caroline Bergeron

Original music: Simão Costa

Musical co-composition and performance: Catarina Molder and Carlos Gracia

Settings and objects: José António Cardoso

Props: Catarina Molder

Lighting design: Gi Carvalho

Original idea and artistic direction: Catarina Molder

Production: Ópera do Castelo, Residence 2009 Castelo de São Jorge/Egeac



Sighs, coughing, snoring, the chicken song, the love, seduction and tantrum song.
The first notes we coaxed from the organ were inspired by Bach, by the famous Wedding March by Mendelssohn and by Messiean.
To be lulled to sleep, excerpts from works of Schumann, Godard and Satie and at the very end, prelude and fugue in B-flat major.



November 2009, museological centre, São Jorge Castle.